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It is our sincere intent to make electronic file submission an easy task for all concerned. To help make the pre-press phase of your projects trouble free, we have assembled these electronic file and pre-press guidelines. Don't be intimidated if you find terms that are foreign to you. Our Customer Service Representatives are always available to help you sort out the important details and produce the best quality print for your job.

Supported Media
We accept files from both Windows® and Macintosh®. You may submit files by CD/DVD, Email or our FTP server.

Please provide hard copy dummy or mock up at the time you submit your files so we may compare it to our proofs. This will help avoid problems and save time.

Supported Software
We support the following in their native format:

Adobe Illustrator CS5
Adobe InDesign CS5
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Acrobat 9
Quark Xpress 6.5

When submitting PDF's to us please export files using PDF/X format. Camera-ready copy and artwork is also accepted.

Submission Guidelines
Only send the documents that you want us to output. If possible, delete all other files from the disk you supply to us.

Gather all output documents, fonts, and images and place them into three individual folders (Quark, InDesign, and Publisher can do this for you)

Supply all fonts used, including screen and printer fonts, Truetype, and/or OpenType.

Avoid assigning type attributes (bold, italic, bold italic) in your layout software. Instead, use the correct typeface from the type family. This will avoid using a type style that has no actual screen and printer font. For example, use Adobe Garamond Bold instead of Adobe Garamond with boldface applied.

Bleeds (elements of your layout that run off of the edge of the page) must extend at least 1⁄8th (.125").

Live area (graphics and type that cannot bleed) will be trimmed during finishing in the bindery. All type and graphics not intended to bleed, must be a minimum of 5/16th (.312") clear and free from the head, foot, face, gutter or trim area.

Photographic images should be at least 300 dpi. Line art or bitmap (1-bit) images should be 1200 dpi.

Do not embed graphics. If graphics are already embedded please supply the original graphics with the job.

Avoid JPEGS. Images should be saved as EPS or TIFF.

All images should be in CMYK mode or grayscale.

Some Pantone® colors are outside of the CMYK color space and appear different when printed as process color.


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